Markey, James Psychedelia

Bass Trombone Soloist Artist Recordings/CD

  • Psychedelia

    Boston Symphony Orchestra bass trombonist performs with Hanako Yamaga, piano. Says Mr. Markey, "This project continues my mission for bass trombone: to utilize the instrument to its fullest and expand on its capabilities as a solo instrument, and to share this with both other bass trombonists and the world. To this end, the repertoire chosen covers a wide range." Contents:
    1. MOREN: Psychedelia (100990)
    2. WHITE: Tetra Ergon (016286)
    3. FRANZ STRAUSS: Nocturne [Notturno]
    4. BRUBECK: Three Stereograms (050091 & 092661)
    5. STEVENS: The Chief (with members of the Columbus State trombone choir) (021069)
    6. BACH: Cello Suite No 2 in D minor
    7. ARBAN: Theme & Variations on The Carnival of Venice (016656)
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