pBone Jiggs Trombone Outfit, Plastic - white

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    Trombone Outfit, Plastic - white

      The NEW Jiggs Whigham p-Bone brings a fun and intriguing twist to the traditional trombone. With its plastic construction, this lightweight instrument sounds remarkably like typical brass trombones. - the manufacturer

      Folks, I tried one of these at the ITF in Nashville. They're lightweight, well balanced and easy to play. They have a black fiberglass slide with brass stockings and as such are different than anything else around. They don't need to be lubricated though it is said that Slide-O-Mix Rapid Comfort might enhance the action. The slides are a bit rough at first, but once they are properly run in, they improve markedly. The horn sounds like a trombone, with a "plastic" coloring to the sound as you might imagine. Many others who tried the horn were impressed with its sound, ease of playing and intonation. This glossy bright white model invites customizing "inking" with your Sharpie marker! Here are the stats:

    • 0.500 bore.
    • 8.25 inch bell.
    • "Mark II" model with stronger one-piece bell.
    • Bright, gloss white finish.
    • Clear plastic 12C-ish mouthpiece (approx 24.55mm cup diameter).
    • Movable main tuning slide (imagine that!).
    • Metal counterweight for balance.
    • Fiberglass inner & outer slide tubes.
    • Brass slide stockings.
    • Ergonomic handgrip.
    • Weighs about 1-3/4 pounds (800 grams).
    • Black nylon O-style "gig" bag.

    King Trombone, Plastic w/Carbon Fiber Slide - blue
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