Lang, Rosemary (Levinsky) Beginning Studies in the Altissimo Register

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  • Lang, Rosemary (Levinsky)

    Beginning Studies in the Altissimo Register (Levinsky)

    This classic volume by Rosemary Lang, long out of print, has been revised and updated by Gail Levinsky, associate professor of music at Susquehanna University. In Beginning Studies in the Altissimo Register, players learn how first to produce and then tomaster the unique altissimo register of the alto and tenor saxophone. Each unit in the book is clear and to the point, focusing on a specific altissimo note with a series of exercises followed by simple melodies that incorporate the new note. The book progresses in this way chromatically from high F# (F#6) up to F (F7). The book's purpose is to teach the altissimo register quickly and efficiently, and as such, each unit is clearly focused on the altissimo aspect alone, without the clutter of other technical issues such as changing meter, tricky rhythms or non-standard tonalities. The book concludes with a set of major scales, major and minor interval studies, and a set of chromatic studies covering all 12 tones. 44 pages. -cdp

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