Juno JSR6125 Alto Saxophone Reeds - #2.5 [3 pack]

Alto Sax Reeds

  • Juno JSR6125

    Alto Saxophone Reeds - #2.5 [3 pack]

    Designed by Vandoren and produced in their factory in the south of France, the Juno reed is the first student reed Vandoren has made in its 105 year history. Rather than design a generalist reed that may be acceptable to a wide range of consumers, Juno is designed specifically so each beginning student experiences a high level of success and because of their success, stay in the program longer.

    Juno reeds come in half-strengths from 1.5 to 3 and are available in boxes of ten for clarinet and alto sax or in convenient three-packs for clarinet, alto sax and tenor sax.

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