Fox 51 Renard Bassoon Outfit (Short Reach)

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    Bassoon Outfit (Short Reach)

    The Renard model 51 is specifically made for young players with small hands. For schools seeking an instrument for players in grade school or middle school this model is ideal. However, it is not comfortable for normal full size hands and should not be used in a high school or for adult players.

    The model 51 bassoon has a full size body with modifications to the keywork that accommodate small hands. These modifications include a plateau key for the third finger hole of the wing joint and repositioned low Eb and Db keys on the bass joint for the left little finger. On the boot joint the Bb trill key for the third finger has been deleted allowing the G key, the low F key, the little finger F# key and the little finger G# key to be repositioned upwards approximately 5/8" (16mm). In addition, the thumb G# key and the C# trill key have been deleted. A handrest is not normally included with this model as it would be inconsistent to the needs of small hands. A high D key is an available option but consideration should be given to the accessibility of this key or the need of it for beginning players.

    Features of this special model can be adapted for addition on other models. With the exception of the plateau key however, they are not available on other Renard models.

    Fox Bassoon Outfit (Short Reach)

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