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    The BASSETTO Minibassoon is a top quality instrument for the very young bassoonist (ages 7-12). Its small size caters to young children, making an early start in the study of bassoon possible. The bassoon is manufactured using selected mountain maple wood, with the boot and wing joints lined to insure against any possible woodrot. Silverplated keywork and a well-designed tonehole and key placement make the instrument manageable for the young player, which guarantees a comfortable playing experience. Another of exclusive improvements is the simplified transition between f - f# (the little finger right hand is not needed). Other features of this fine instrument are easy response, negligible resistance, and excellent intonation. Includes instrument with case and hand rest. Reed not included.

    Pitched a fifth higher than the standard bassoon this bassoon in G is sometimes called a Fagattino or Tenoroon.

    Bassetto Mini Bassoon

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