Korg PC2 Electronic Tuner, Chromatic

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  • Korg PC2

    Electronic Tuner, Chromatic

    An LED is used to show the note name and the meter. The brightness of the light conveys the needle movement in fine detail. When the tuning is exactly right, the left and right LEDs flash along with the center LED. When using the Pitchclip 2, it will be obvious when your instrument is tuned perfectly. Whether you're practicing in a brightly lit room or tuning in dim backstage conditions, this tuner ensures great visibility in nearly any environment.

    After thoroughly testing the mounting location for the piezo sensor in the clip section of the Pitchclip , KORG has succeeded in boosting the tuner's detection sensitivity for the low-frequency region. The enhanced effectiveness is most noticeable for dropped tunings and 5- or 6-string basses that, until now, were considered problematic for stable tuning.

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