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  • Peterson BBS-1 Bodybeat

    Metronome & Sync Unit

    The Body Beat Metronome
    The BodyBeat offers a new approach on typical metronome use. The BodyBeat metronome produces a pulsing vibration allowing musicians to easily internalize the beat. The BodyBeat clips onto the belt line and a small separate "vibe clip" transmits the beat,in the form of a pulse (including subdivisions and accents) directly to the user.
    Research has shown that separate neural pathways to the brain exist for tactile impulses and visible/audible information which is why musicians find that tactile pulses are quickly internalized, allowing them to concentrate on reading and listening to the music without the constant distraction of an audio or visual metronome. Feeling the beat, not having to listen to clicks or look at blinking LEDs makes it much easier to focus on the music and playing in correct time.
    What's the difference between a regular metronome and the BodyBeat?
    Sophisticated metronomes can produce two or more distinct sounds. A regular "tick" sound indicates the beat within each measure, and another, distinct sound (often of a different timbre, higher pitch and/or greater volume) indicates the beginning of eachmeasure. A tempo control adjusts the amount of time separating each beat (typically measured in beats per minute), while another, discrete, control adjusts the meter of the rhythm and thus the number of beats in each measure. This number is an integer often ranging from one to six, though some metronomes go up to nine or higher.
    The BodyBeat provides drummers and percussionists with a rhythmic pulse they can feel rather than hear, avoiding the fatigue and potential harm caused by prolonged exposure to monotonous clicks and cowbell sounds. This patented technology represents a significant advance in the metronome field. The BodyBeat can also be used like an ordinary metronome with audible and visual modes. Suitable for all musicians.
    The BodyBeat Sync feature allows for the the wireless syncing of unlmited numbers of BodyBeat Units. Any BBS-1 can be a master. Play MIDI tempo map files, sync to a click track, use a silent or audible metronome. Includes Vibe Clip, rechargeable battery and is USB compatible.

    Peterson Metronome & Sync Unit

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