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    American Art Songs, w/Audio [tenor]

    The vocal and musical abilities of high school and college singers have guided the song choices in this series. These volumes introduce classical voice students to American art song, with some of the most often studied music in the genre. The Tenor and Baritone/Bass volumes have the same song list, but in different keys. The same is true of the Soprano and Mezzo-Soprano/Alto song lists. Contents:

    •  SAMUEL BARBER: The Daisies
    •  SAMUEL BARBER: Hey nonny no!
    •  PAUL BOWLES: Cabin
    •  HARRY T. BURLEIGH: Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
    •  CELIUS DOUGHERTY: Across the Western Ocean
    •  CELIUS DOUGHERTY: Colorado Trail
    •  CELIUS DOUGHERTY: Shenandoah
    •  JOHN DUKE: Loveliest of Trees
    •  LEE HOIBY: The Shepherd
    •  LEE HOIBY: Where the Music Comes From
    •  JOHN JACOB NILES: Black is the color of my true love's hair
    •  JOHN SACCO: Brother Will, Brother John
    •  WILLIAM SCHUMAN: Orpheus with his lute

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