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    American Art Song - 50 Songs (Walters) [high voice]

    This comprehensive collection is the best one-volume source available on the topic, with a mix of familiar recital standards and intriguing material awaiting discovery. Includes composers from c. 1900 into the 21st century. Some songs make their first published appearance in American Art Song: Gian Carlo Menotti's moving "The Old Man's Song," Michael Tilson Thomas' inspired "Grace," dedicated to Leonard Bernstein, and Aaron Jay Kernis' "A Good Boy," as well a boogie-woogie art song by the editor, "Blue Monday." The same songs appear in High Voice and Medium/Low Voice. Includes (composers in parenthesis): A Good Boy (Kernis); Amor (Bolcom); Animal Passion (Heggie); At the well (Hageman); Blue Monday (Walters); Breakfast Song (Harbison); Breath ofa Rose, The (Still); Calm is the Night (Niles); Christmas at the Cloisters (Corigliano); Cloak, the Boat, and the Shoes, The (Moore); Debts (Mechem); Do not go, my love (Hageman); Evening (Ives); Farewell to the House in Bonac (Dello Joio); Forever Young(Corigliano); Fort Tryon Park: September (Corigliano); Good morning midnight (Previn); Grace (Tilson Thomas); i carry your heart (Duke); I love the dark hours of my being (Mehldau); I thank all who have loved me (Pasatieri); In a Myrtle Shade (Griffes); In the mornin' (Ives); Lamb, The (Chanler); Lament of Ian the Proud, The (Griffes); Love in the Dictionary (Dougherty); Love Song (Thomson); Meadow-Larks (Beach); Meet Doctor Livermore (Chanler); Night Wanderers (Barber); Odor (Harbison); Old Man's Song,The (Menotti); On the seashore of endless worlds (Carpenter); Once Upon a Universe (Heggie); Orpheus with his lute (Schuman); Prayer to Saint Catherine, A (Thomson); Review (Dougherty); Reward (Niles); Serenity (Ives); Shepherd, The (Hoiby); Slumber Songof the Madonna, A (Barber); Song to the Witch of the Cloisters (Corigliano); Spring and the Fall, The (Lekberg); St. Ita's Vision (Barber); Strings in the earth and air (Barber); Swing, The (Menotti); The Bustle in a House (Bolcom); Monk and His Cat, The(Barber); Unicorn, The (Corigliano); Where the Music Comes From (Hoiby).

      (Gian Carlo Menotti: The Old Man's Song)

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