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    American Arias, w/Audio [tenor]

    American Arias is suitable for professional and college-level singers, ideal for recitals and auditions, and an essential resource for the study of the American opera repertoire. The series presents many arias that have never been published outside of the original complete vocal scores. There are approximately 20 arias per volume. Each collection includes commentary on the operas and arias, and a CD of recorded piano accompaniments. Includes: Ballad of Ravenshead (RAVENSHEAD)-Steven Mackey; Gondolier's Song (CASANOVA'S HOMECOMING)-Dominick Argento; Have mercy on my life (THE VOYAGE OF EDGAR ALLAN POE)-Dominick Argento; Here I stand (THE RAKE'S PROGRESS)-Igor Stravinsky; Lute Song (THE SHOEMAKER'S HOLIDAY)-Dominick Argento; Man with a Paint Box Aria (POSTCARD FROM MOROCCO)-Dominick Argento; Martin's Song (THE TENDER LAND)-Aaron Copland; Midnight, bells striking midnight (THE VOYAGE OF EDGAR ALLAN POE)-Dominick Argento; O moon whose bees are stars (MEDEA)-Jacob Druckman; Samuel's Aria (THREESISTERS WHO ARE NOT SISTERS)-Ned Rorem; Scratch's Aria (THE DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER)-Douglas Moore; The damned do not cry (MOURNING BECOMES ELECTRA)-Marvin David Levy; Valentino's Aria (THE DREAM OF VALENTINO)-Dominick Argento; Will ye but listen? (CHRISTOPHER SLY)-Dominick Argento
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