Harbison, John Mirabai Songs

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  • Harbison, John

    Mirabai Songs [soprano or mezzo-soprano]

    Mirabai's ecstatic religious poetry was written in 16th century India. When she was 27, her husband was killed in a war. Mirabai refused to die on her husband's funeral pyre, as was the custom. Instead, she left her family compound, wrote her poems to Krishna, the Dark One, and sang and danced them in the streets. First performed on September 9, , Susan Larson, soprano, and Craig Smith, piano. Recorded on Northeastern records, and on a very successful Nonesuch album by soprano Dawn Upshaw. This piece is also available in a version for voice and chamber ensemble, which is available on rental from G. Schirmer. Contents: All I Was Doing Was Breathing  Clouds  Don't Go, Don't Go  It's True, I Went to the Market  Where Did You Go? Why Mira Can't Go Back to House. Duration: ca. 17 minutes.
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