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  • Wallen, Errollyn

    Errollyn Wallen Songbook, The

    Details: This collection showcases 12 of Errollyn Wallen's songs, including the new Christmas song 'Peace on Earth'.
    Contents: 'All these songs were written from my heart and in a state of grace. At last they have made the journey from my battered manuscript sketchbook where they were often feverishly scribbled down. I am very pleased to be able to share them in this book. Improvisation is an important characteristic of my performances. In some songs in this book I have retained elements of my own style of improvisation, particularly in the piano solos and in some vocal lines. In othersI have given a bare skeleton, designed to act as a springboard for flights of fancy. I encourage the performer, whether from a pop, classical, folk, or jazz background, to feel free to imbue their performances of this music with their own creative spirit.' -- Errollyn Wallen

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