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    Collected Songs [medium or high voice]

    Theodore Chanler was an American composer born in 1902, who studied with Nadia Boulanger and taught at Peabody Conservatory. He was not a prolific composer, but lavished great care over the songs he wrote and they are much loved. Most of these were previously unpublished or out of print. Contents: April; Cake And Sack; The Children; Cottony Cottony; Cradle Song; The Doves; Grandma (Chanler); I Rise When You Enter; June; The Lamb; May; Meet Doctor Livermore; Memory; Mistress Hew; Moo Is A Cow; My Hands Are Empty; O Mistress Mine (Quilter); Old Shellover; Once Upon A Time; One Of Us; A One-Eyed Tailor; The Policeman In The Park; The Rose; A Shepherd; The Ship Of Rio; Sleep; Spick And Span; These, My Ophelia; Three Husbands (An Epitaph); Tillie; Voyage In Provence; Wind.
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