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    Essays on Guitar History

    Ophee's personal journey has taken him from driving 18-wheelers to piloting passenger jets to becoming a world-renowned "historian-musicologist," specialty in guitar. Since he began guitar lessons in his early twenties, he has gone on to teach guitar andto write with increasing authority about the instrument's history, use, and compositions. He would eventually establish Editions Orph‚e, known for its excellence in guitar publications and texts.

    Over forty years, Ophee has contributed much to the literature, articles, and texts concerning the guitar. Since his retirement as a pilot in 1988, he has devoted his full efforts to editing, publishing, and scouring libraries for undiscovered gems. Now,looking back over his lifetime of writing, he has compiled Essays on Guitar History, which has allowed him to revisit those articles with a more knowledgable, more critical eye, with updates and corrections where necessary. The result is an incredible reference source for teachers, students, and those with a passion for all things guitar. 496pp w/dust jacket -the publisher

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