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    Max/MSP/Jitter for Music

    A practical guide for readers of all levels of programming ability, Max/MSP/Jitter for Music teaches all of the necessary skills for writing custom software for musical interaction using the programming language Max/MSP/Jitter. In step-by-step instructions, expert author VJ Manzo guides readers through all of the essential concepts and steps for designing and completing projects. Manzo's applications are remarkably broad; from complex programs which explore relationships between modes for veteran composers to basic exercise for beginners that helps improve finger dexterity, the range of possibilities this book opens up will impress both new and experienced users of music technologies. With clear, hands-on examples, Manzo teaches readers to write effective, customized software which supplements and complement their instructional and musical objectives. The book also discusses ways to interact with the software beyond the mouse and keyboard through use of camera tracking, pitch tracking, video game controllers, sensors, mobile devices, and more.Chapter review sections remind readers of key commands and important concepts, buildling a solid foundation in understanding Max and its structure, while connecting it to music making and learningconcepts. Extensively illustrated throughout and packed with practical tips, this book will be invaluable for musicians and teachers looking to supplement their lessons with interactive instructional tools, develop adaptive instruments to aid in composition and performance activities, and create measurement tools with which to conduct research.
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