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    Want to record live audio or make field recordings for television and films? This book will teach you how. Recording on the Go: The Definitive Guide to Live Recording brings together the foundations of audio and the practice of live recording. It is a comprehensive guide to every step of the location recording process, from planning what you want to do, to getting the right equipment, to setting up the recording, to editing the results to taste. More than a simple overview, this book also maps out a strategy for success in location recording, from planning through execution, taking the reader through all the steps necessary to satisfy clients' needs along with their own practical and aesthetic sensibilities. Along with everything you would expect from a book about location recording penned by two longtime audio professionals, this book provides humor and personal insights into the best practices, risks, and rewards of live recording. Armed with the knowledge in this book, some good skills, and a little bit of luck, you'll have no problem creating a world-class live recording-and you'll even have some fun while doing it!
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