Eargle Microphone Book, The - 2nd Edition

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    Microphone Book, The - 2nd Edition

    This is the only guide you will ever need to the latest in microphone technology, application and technique. The new edition features new information on microphone arrays and wireless microphones; a new chapter on classic old models; the latest developments in surround sound; extra advice on studio set up, recording and mic selection; an improved layout for ease of reference and even more illustrations. John Eargle provides detailed analysis of the different types of microphones available. He then addresses their application through practical examples of actual recording sessions and studio operations. Surround sound is covered from both a creative and a technical viewpoint. Recording and sound reinforcement engineers at all levels of expertise will find The Microphone Book an invaluable resource for learning the "why" as well as the "how" of choosing a microphone for any situation. -the publisher
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