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    Technology Guide for Music Educators

    For years, music educators have been asking the Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME) for a resource on software and technology products that would help them accomplish their curricular goals. The Technology Guide for Music Educators provides this resource in a comprehensive and compact package, clearly organized into the following six core technology areas that music educators need to be competent in as they teach music in the 21st century: Electronic Musical Instruments, Music Production, Music Notation Software, Technology-Assisted Learning, Multimedia, and Productivity Tools, Classroom and Lab Management. In addition to descriptions of product features, you'll also find other information valuable to educators, such as grade level appropriateness and ideas for integrating the technologies covered into the music curriculum. Each chapter includes a summary table of the products presented (including system requirements and manufacturer websites), and a list of resources, such as a suggested further reading list.
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