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    Mixing & Mastering, w/DVD

    We live in an age where technological advances in the music industry are so commonplace that they seem to happen every day. Many of these advances have made it possible for almost anyone to develop a system capable of producing hit-quality audio. The only bad news is that by opening the doors for everyone, new audio technology has also made a lot more competition. If you're going to have an edge in an increasingly competitive industry, such as music and audio, mixing and mastering skills are essential. Nothing crushes creative potential more effectively than a shabby attempt at an amateurish mixdown. The S.M.A.R.T Guide to Mixing and Mastering Audio Recordings provides proven, time-tested tools to create mixes that compete well in the musical marketplace and compare favorably with the recordings you hear on your favorite CDs and DVDs. Professional-level techniques are explained thoroughly with numerous screenshots in a hands-on, full-color format. Topics covered include setting up formixdown, mixing all of the rhythm section instruments, addressing surround considerations, understanding the proper use of effects and stereo imaging, and learning mastering techniques that will give your productions the impact and power they deserve. The companion DVD includes audio examples of the concepts discussed in the text, plus step-by-step instructional video examples that show you how to optimize your recordings in crucial situations.
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