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    Getting Started in Computer Music

    Ever wondered how to record music in your own home, hook up a keyboard or guitar to your personal computer, or set up a system to remix a dance track? With talent, determination, and a modest home computer system, you can do all that and more. Personal computers have revolutionized music, enabling artists to compose, perform, record, and distribute music in the comfort of their own homes. Your personal computer can be your key to the once-impenetrable music industry. So how can you get started on this exciting journey? Reading "Getting Started in Computer Music" is an excellent first step. This book is not a technical manual, or an operational guide for specific software or platforms; instead, it is a useful introduction to the myriad ways you can useyour computer to create, learn, perform, manipulate, write, and record music. Whether you're a music student, an amateur or professional musician, or a composer, this book will help you further your musical goals.
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