Ryom, Peter & F.M. Sardelli Vivaldi Werkverzeichnis [Complete Works Thematic Catalog]

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  • Ryom, Peter & F.M. Sardelli

    Vivaldi Werkverzeichnis [Complete Works Thematic Catalog]

    Eleven years after the appearance of the first issue of Peter Ryom's catalogue of all Vivaldi's works, a completely revised and enlarged new edition is published. Awarded the German Music Edition Prize 2008.

    After more than 40 years of Vivaldi research, including this 1st issue of the works' catalogue, Peter Ryom placed the supervision and continuation of the renowned "RV" in the hands of the recognized Vivaldi scholar Federico Maria Sardelli.

    Vivaldi research has been subject to amazingly numerous changes in recent years. For example, the number of works attributed to Vivaldi has increased by 17(!). In return, a number of works have had to be identified as spurious and moved to the appendix. Changes also occurred in the source research and evaluation. Current literature was incorporated, together with the findings of new cross-connections within the inventory of works. In short, hardly a stone was left unturned!

    Federico Maria Sardelli has critically edited all addenda and corrigenda, meticulously documenting and organizing them clearly.

    The result is a state-of-the-art "RV," giving new impetus to Vivaldi research and a secure reference work to the practitioner and music lover. -the publisher

    712 pages. Hard bound. ISBN 9783765103728.

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