Harle, John Saxophone - The Art & Science of Playing & Performing

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    Saxophone - The Art & Science of Playing & Performing

    John Harle: The Saxophone is the most in-depth approach to playing the saxophone ever published. In this two-volume boxed set, master saxophonist John Harle reveals his groundbreaking techniques for fluent and natural playing---transforming the musical and learning experience of both students and professionals.

    Practical, clear, and universally relevant, The Saxophone discloses John Harle's secrets to playing with individuality, fluent technique, and a powerful musical presence by:

    • Introducing revolutionary new concepts such as the Reed Fan, the Power Lines, and the Cathedral of Resonance
    • Exploring every aspect of playing and performing, from breathing, resonant tone production, and fluent articulation through to techniques for building ease and flow in performance
    • Featuring unique anatomical diagrams, stunning visualizations and color-coded musical examples throughout
    • Offering expert advice on all aspects of performance: dealing with fear, nerves, and adrenaline, developing a strong psychological approach, and setting goal posts for success including practice wheels that help develop a structured and relaxed practice routine.
    -the publisher

    2-volume box set.

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