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    National Core Arts Standards in General Music

    As a general music teacher, you are expected to use the National Core Arts Standards (NCAS), but the gap between the high-concept standards and everyday teaching can seem expansive. In this handbook, Wendy Barden builds a bridge from the NCAS directly into your classroom. Each artistic process_Creating, Performing, Responding, and Connecting_is succinctly explained, then applied to the specific needs of the General Music teacher. Inside, you will get: dozens of ideas for activities for day-to-day learning organized by artistic process and anchor standard simple explanations of each artistic process, and how it connects to your classroom planning and student learning 4 new cornerstone assessments with complete step-by-step instructions, each customized to assess one artistic process deeply 24 pages of assignments and rubrics, sequenced to each cornerstone assessment, and ready to be photocopied and handed to your students These ready-to-use activities will lead to less prep time for you and rich musical experiences for students, all while providing you systematic documentation of your NCAS compliance to submit to peers and administrators. With this book, you will get dozens of activities that are customized to the NCAS, and can be used immediately in your general music classes of all levels. Most of all, this book does the work of connecting the NCAS to the general music classroom, so your students can get all the benefits of the NCAS, and you can get back to doing what you love: transforming students' learning through music. -the publisher
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