Kish Guides to Band Masterworks, v.6

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    Guides to Band Masterworks, v.6

    Instructional Designs for Teaching Comprehensive Musicianship in Rehearsal and Performance. This continuation of volumes 1-5 provides band directors with a ready-made curriculum developed to incorporate comprehensive-musicianship training through quality band literature. This volume features American Riversongs by Pierre La Plante, Echoes of the Hollow Square by Johnnie Vinson, and ...and the antelope play by John Alan Carnahan. Every unit study integrates technical skills, musical knowledge and creative projects that lead student musicians to an enlightened and expressive performance. Student workbooks for each of the featured works may be downloaded. Each unit study includes: Ear training  Rhythm studies  Essential skills information for teaching the compositional elements of music Rehearsal strategies for addressing common ensemble issues  Creative projects  Active listening activities  Sample teaching schedule  Unit quiz (and answer sheet)  Student practice plan  Optional band projects
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