Kappel Total Work of Art: Mahler's Eighth Symphony in Context

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    Total Work of Art: Mahler's Eighth Symphony in Context

    Readings on subjects prevalent at the time of the compostion of "Mahler 8:"
    • Kappel Elisabeth: Preface
    • Roman Zoltan: The 'Creative Spirit', Faust, and Mahler's Eight Symphony: From Medieval to Modern in 80 Minutes
    • Wildhagen Christian: "It Must Have Something Cosmic about It": The Intellectual and Spiritual Universe of Mahler's Eight Symphony
    • Dorschel Andreas: Individualism for the Masses: Aesthetic Paradox in Mahler's Symphonic Thought
    • Barham Jeremy: 'A Time of Gifts': Mahler's Eight, Fassbinder's Cinema, and Musical Politics
    • Painter Karen: From Zionism to Assimilation: Theodor Herzl, Gustav Mahler, and the Aesthetics of Redemption
    • Krones Hartmut: Two Languages – One Symphony: Mahler's Eight
    • Kappel Elisabeth: "A Single Tremendously Long and Wide Thought": The Orchestral Introduction to Part 2 of Mahler's Eight Symphony
    • Aringer Klaus: Technique and Aesthetics of Mahler's Large Orchestra
    • Deaville James: Goethes's Faust in the Austro-German Musical Imagination of the 19th Century
    • McClatchie Stephen: The Wagnerian Roots of Mahler's Eighth Symphony
    • Williamson John: Mahler, Pfitzner and the Relationship between Symphony and Cantata
    • Wright James: "Building a New World": Gustav Mahler and Arnold Schönberg (ca. 1905–1911)
    • Korte Oliver: Macrocosm – Microcosm: About the Influence of Gustav Mahler's Eighth Symphony on the Work of Anton Webern
    • Revers Peter: "A Work of Art of Higher Artistic Order": The Eighth as Mahler's 'Gesamtkunstwerk'
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