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    Mozart & His Piano Concertos

    This classic of music criticism provides detailed studies of 23 of Mozart's piano concertos. In addition to establishing the lines along which the genre developed, the concertos also shed light upon the technical and inspirational growth of their creator. The first full-length survey devoted to these works, this scholarly book presents a full, concrete musical analysis that makes liberal use of musical examples - 417 in all - and presents authoritative information on the concertos' form, tone, style, and balance as well as the circumstances of their composition. The author compares and contrasts each piece with Mozart's other works and with compositions by Beethoven, Haydn, and other composers. A definite text for musicologists, performers, teachers, and students, this study's clarity and personable tone make it accessible to any lover of Mozart's music. Reprint of Mozart's Piano Concertos, Cassell & Company, Ltd., London, 1958. -the publisher
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