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    Score & Rehearsal Preparation

    This text is sure to provide the most practical approach to orchestra and wind band score study ever published. It methodically simplifies preliminary score study and initial rehearsal preparation for all conductors of band, orchestra and chamber ensembles. It is enormously valuable for practicing conductors from elementary school to those leading professional ensembles. As a supplement to undergraduate and graduate level instrumental conducting classes, it is an extremely effective text. The unique features of this innovative publication include:
    • An easy-to-read format that systematically walks the reader through the entire score-study process.
    • Complete full score to Flourish for Wind Band by Vaughan Williams - used as the study score throughout.
    • Compositional flowchart of the Vaughan Williams work.
    • Score and Rehearsal Preparation Worksheet that can be reproduced and used with any wind band or orchestral score (and maintained for future use).
    • Seating-arrangement diagrams of nationally renown wind bands and orchestras.
    • Comprehensive glossary of standard instrument abbreviations.
    • Standard band and orchestra instrumentation reference chart.
    • Selective and detailed bibliography containing specific sources that will prove invaluable in the preparation of all instrumental scores
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