Prentner Leschetizky's Fundamental Technic Principals

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    Leschetizky's Fundamental Technic Principals

    Authentic and complete, this presentation by one of the master teacher's devoted students explains the principles and techniques of the Leschetizky Method with numerous illustrations, exercises, and examples from piano literature. The two-part treatment begins with explanations of hand and finger positions and proceeds to discussions of the touch; diatonic and chromatic scales; trills, chords, and arpeggios; double notes, thirds, and sixths; and octaves. The second part focuses on musical performance, offering advice on playing Bach and Handel, rhythm, pedaling, melody, practice techniques, and musical culture. Difficult to locate in the past, this legendary manual promises to assist and enlighten a new generation of students and teachers. Unabridged republication of the classic 1903 edition.
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