Garofalo, Robert & Frank Battisti Lead & Inspire - Expressive Conducting

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  • Garofalo, Robert & Frank Battisti

    Lead & Inspire - Expressive Conducting

    Presents a comprehensive taxonomy of conducting gestures providing conductors with the knowledge and skills needed to lead and inspire expressive musical performances. 188 pgs. Includes:

    13 chapters covering the craft of podium conducting including rarely discussed topics such as...

    • the parameters of body and space
    • conducting motion and emotion
    • left hand signals
    • nontraditional gestures (including "visual onomatopoeia")
    • verbal and nonverbal cues
    • body language and facial expressions.
    Each chapter concludes with a list of Key Words and Competencies (what the conductor should know and be able to do).

    10 full scores for a variety of excellent pieces which are flexibly orchestrated with ample cross cuing and doubling to facilitate class conducting and performance.

    12 repertoire conducting exercises that provide students with opportunities to deal with conducting challenges using representative examples from the standard band and orchestra literature.

    4 appendices containing comprehensive assessment instruments (including a Checklist of Conducting Problems with possible causes and suggested solutions); exercises for developing relative pitch, relative tempo, and ambidexterity; and guidelines for concert protocol and stage etiquette.

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