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    Beethoven's Quartets

    Dover reprint of the 1928 English translation. Remarkably readable and accessible, this classic exposition presents a bar-by-bar, theme-by-theme analysis of all 16 quartets and the Grosse Fuge. Musicologist Joseph de Marliave eschews technical terms, focusing on mood and general effects and illustrating his remarks with 321 musical examples. In addition to musicological information, de Marliave provides a complete background, encompassing dates of composition, contemporary reactions, influences, and Beethoven's transcendence of established forms. Clear analyses and a wealth of documentary material make this one of the most authoritative studies of Beethoven's quartets, as well as one of the most enjoyable. Preface by Gabriel Faur‚. Introduction, notes by Jean Escarra. Translated by Hilda Andrews.
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