Werner, Fritz (Herbst-Lyman) Studies (40)

Trumpet Studies & Etudes

  • Werner, Fritz (Herbst-Lyman)

    Studies (40) (Herbst-Lyman)

    40 colorful and dynamic etudes written by Fritz Werner including several areas of technical focus such as: wide interval studies (tongued and slurred), finger dexterity, shifting articulations, flexibility, lip slurs, rapid single, double and triple tonguing, complex rhythms such as 16th and 32nd note combinations, rapid movement from lower to upper registers to develop facility (up to high D above the staff), major and minor and diminished arpeggios, changing tonalities, and much more. Begins with playable keys and adds more sharps and flats as the book progresses. Well-detailed dynamics encourage good breathing habits and attention to musical line. Technically challenging, but tuneful. 44 pages. -pc
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