Mead, Steve Advanced Concert Studies, w/Audio

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  • Mead, Steve

    Advanced Concert Studies, w/Audio [bass clef]

    A collection of 18 original concert studies appropriate for study or solo performance, all written by world-renowned composers of music for euphonium. This collection contains music written specifically for Steven Mead, international euphonium soloist. We have shown the composer of the book as "Mead" for convenience purposes, though none of the Studies were written by Mr. Mead. With demo CD: Contents:
    •  MARTIN ELLERBY: False Relations
    •  MARTIN ELLERBY: Smooth Operator
    •  ROB GOORHUIS: Rapture
    •  PETER GRAHAM: Cyberspace
    •  PETER GRAHAM: Time Zones
    •  JAN HADERMANN: El Moncayo
    •  HIROAKI KUWAHARA: An Ancient Japanese Melody
    •  HIROAKI KUWAHARA: Counterattack of Godzilla
    •  JAN VAN DER ROOST: Arpegietto
    •  ITARU SAKAI: Impatience
    •  KEES SCHOONENBECK: Solitaire
    •  PIET SWERTS: Chain
    •  ANDRE WAIGNEIN: Scenes Capricieuses
    •  ANDRE WAIGNEIN: Moments Contrastes
    •  PHILIP WILBY: Partita Veneziana
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