Slama, Anton (Brown) Basic Studies (66) in All Major & Minor Keys

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  • Slama, Anton (Brown)

    Basic Studies (66) in All Major & Minor Keys (Brown)

    Slama was a trombonist by trade, and these etudes represent some of his pedagogical thinking on the instrument. They are technical in nature, with focus primarily on arpeggiation, diatonic scalar passages, sequential motives and leaps of the octave. Originally published in an edition for trombone/bassoon in 1836 and later for double bass. These studies are the same as the "Etudes," "Studies" and "Melodic Technique" books published by other publishers. Brown has removed much of the articulations, leaving only those which tend to contribute to the music. Also, some of the slurs have been altered to give a more traditional approach to the music. One of the best selling features of this edition is the fact that the confusing double bass fingerings present in the Carl Fischer edition (02409) have been removed. -cdp
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