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    Bass Trombone Craft

    Bass Trombone Craft is an adaptation of Edwards' popular Trombone Craft book. It is not a mere transposition of the original, but rather a purpose-written book for bass trombone that closely follows the format of the tenor version, but uses different material throughout as required to address the issues at hand. Like its predecessor, Bass Trombone Craft is a comprehensive approach to building the technical skills needed to play music well. Brad's philosphy is that "technique only has value in serving a musical goal." Amen. To that end this book is written, with exercises and etudes that help double valve bass trombonists learn technical mastery of their instrument without losing sight of the musical issues. This book is written mainly forinstruments with the popular Bb/F/Gb/D independant double valve setup, although it can be used with any other setup with minor alterations to position and valve advice. 186 pages. Spiral bound. -cdp

    With Brad Edwards' new book, "Bass Trombone Craft," the teacher and player have a method that can take a young bass trombone player from the basic introduction of the valves all the way to true mastery of the instrument. The book introduces and focuses on every aspect of bass trombone playing, all in one volume. It is a welcome and needed addition to bass trombone pedagogical material that should be a staple of every teacher's curriculum. -Denson Paul Pollard
    Bass Trombone, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
    Juilliard School and Mannes School of Music

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