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  • Blazhevich, Vladislav (Vernon)

    Low Range Studies (Vernon)

    Low Range Studies for Trombone is a subset of etudes from the famous School for Trombone in Clefs (aka "Clef Studies"). They have been selected, transposed, edited and annotated by Chicago Symphony Orchestra bass trombonist Charles Vernon. Mr. Vernon has selected 60 of his favorite studies to help tenor trombonists with low range development, and to provide bass trombone players with some extra "bread and butter range" etudes.

    Mr. Vernon believes it is important for tenor trombonists to maintain this vulnerable register on a daily basis. Second trombone and bass trombone players constantly play in this register in ensembles. Tenor trombonists who don't work in the middle/low register will have many difficulties playing these studies. This register is a primary building block to producing a free, open and easy sound over the entire range of the instrument. 59 pages. 659550951043.

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