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    The Breath Builder is used to feel the sensation of inhaling and exhaling. It is an enclosed plastic cylinder six inches tall with a ping-pong ball inside. The goal for the user is to keep the ping-pong ball at the top of the cylinder during inhale and exhale. The cylinder has three holes which are used to vary the resistance. Includes two different sized breathing tubes to more closely adapt the unit to your instrument. Color may vary. -cdp

    The Breath Builder Isomeric Exerciser helps increase breath control for better performance in music. Instrumentalists and vocalists alike find they can use their breath energy more efficiently. Improve tone, and most of all, those long phrases will trouble no more! Feel gratification and have more confidence singing and playing. Includes 2 straw tube sizes: Small for resistance, used for upper brass and all woodwinds except the flute; Large for vocal, low brass, and the flute. -the manufacturer

    Breath Builder Breath Builder
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