Hickman, David Piccolo Trumpet, The - Duets, Exercises, Excerpts

Piccolo Trumpet Studies & Etudes

  • Hickman, David

    Piccolo Trumpet, The - Duets, Exercises, Excerpts

    Preparatory drills are included and are designed not only to warm up the embouchure for piccolo performance, but also to assist the performer in adjusting embouchure flexibility, intonation, tone quality, endurance, and technical dexterity to the piccoloinstrument. - the composer

    Detailed text regarding: Tessitura and Fingerings; Embouchure and High Register; Mouthpiece Selection; Trill Fingerings; The Fourth Valve. 12 solos are included with a variety of tempi and are composed by BACH; HANDEL; TELEMANN; VIVALDI; HICKMAN; ANONYMOUS. 10 advanced duets are included by: BACH; MOZART; SCARLATTI; TELEMANN; ANONYMOUS. Orchestral excerpts from the works of JS BACH including: Suite III; Magnificat; Mass in B Minor; Brandenburg Concerto No. 2. 49 pages. -pc

    David Hickman, clinician, author, acclaimed educator, and recording artist has performed all over the world as a soloist and with some of the top orchestras, is the founder of Summit Brass, studied orchestral trumpet playing with Adolph Herseth, Armando Ghitalla and Roger Voisin, and is also well known for his tenure at Arizona State University.

    (Vivaldi excerpt)
    (duet example)
    (BACH Magnificat excerpt)

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