Brandt, Vassily (Nagel) Studies on Orchestral Motives (34)

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  • Brandt, Vassily (Nagel)

    Studies on Orchestral Motives (34) (Nagel)

    This advanced trumpet studies book includes the first 34 etudes from Brandt's "Orchestral Etudes and Last Etudes." Also known as "34 Studies On Orchestral Motives" and "34 Orchestral Etudes." The first etude is marked "Allegro alla marcia."

    These stylistic/technical etudes are designed for the orchestral player. A few of these studies are based on specific orchestral pieces such as: BEETHOVEN Leonore Overture No. 3; BIZET "Petite Suite"; RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Scheherazade; TCHAIKOWSKY Capriccio Italien; Symphony No.6. Brandt's final volume is entitled "24 Last Etudes" and is available separately (catalog # 36340).

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    (etude 29)
    (etude 34)

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