Edwards, Brad Trombone Craft, Complete

Trombone Studies & Etudes

  • Edwards, Brad

    Trombone Craft, Complete

    Complete volumes 1, 2 & 3.

    Trombone Craft is a a comprehensive approach to building the technical skills needed to play music well. Here's a quick summary:

    • Motivation through musical interest: If students like a piece, they are more likely to spend extra time polishing it.
    • Ideas are linked and reinforced: After a page helping students develop D in alternate 4th, for example, the next page presents two short pieces in E-flat major.
    • Pieces of reasonable length: In a lesson, time is precious. Get to the point quickly using short exercises and half-page etudes.
    • A greater variety of key signatures: Don't get stuck in that B-flat / E-flat rut.
    • Help with rhythm: Some pages zoom in on common rhythm trouble spots, such as the deadly dotted-eighth sixteenth.
    • Cross-referencing to other books: A big time-saver in lessons!
    • Patterns to be memorized: Scale and arpeggio patterns with musical shape.
    • Bonus appendices focusing on special areas including:
        - Developing the legato tongue
        - Building the high range
        - Double tonguing
        - Extra scale patterns
        - Long tones and tuning exercises (including tuning over a drone)
        - Flow exercises (sing, buzz, play)
    This collection of excellent exercises by Brad Edwards gives new fuel to propel our daily routines. Professor Edwards presents these studies using the same concepts of natural slurs and alternate positions that I use in my own playing. A regular visitto this book will undoubtedly help you to play more evenly and consistently and, when used in the precise way that Edwards suggests, will result in your overall improvement. I highly recommend this book to all students and professionals. Bravo Professor Edwards!
     —Joseph Alessi

    170 pages. Spiral bound.

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