Stonelined Velvet-Tone Trombone Bucket Mute - 8 inch bell

Trombone Bucket Mutes

  • Stonelined Velvet-Tone

    Trombone Bucket Mute - 8 inch bell

    Classic fibre "Velvetone" bucket mute snaps onto bell rim with three spring-steel legs (adjust legs to achieve optimum fit). Produces the original bucket sound. Great for jazz and big band work. By Humes & Berg.

    • Fits 7.5-inch and 8-inch bells nicely (adjust clips for best fit).
    • Will also 8.5-inch bells by spreading the clips wide.
    • Mute body is roughly 7.5 inches wide.
    • NOTE: This model 160A (8-inch) uses the same body and clips as the 160B (8.5-inch). The difference is that the clips are here pre-bent to accomodate smaller bell sizes. This mute can be used for 8.5-inch bells by bending the clips slightly further outward. Once this is done however, they should be left in that position and not bent back again, otherwise metal fatigue will begin, eventually causing the clips to crack and break off.

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