Bitsch, Marcel (Greiner) Rhythmical Studies (14)

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  • Bitsch, Marcel (Greiner)

    Rhythmical Studies (14) (Greiner)

    These 14 etudes are very similar to, but not an exact translation of the famous tenor trombone book. Differences include "missing" measures and patches of different musical material. Level of difficulty is high, with Bitsch's characteristic way of rhythmically obscuring the barline prevalent throughout. These are famous for their ability to help players gain a mastery of complex and/or unexpected rhythms. Used in many college level programs, each etude is in essence a character piece that focuses on a set of rhythmic issues. These include mixed meter, displaced emphasis, beams over barlines, downbeat rests, tuplets, syncopation, "blurring" of the beat and/or meter/barline, ties into strong beats, dotted eighth-16th vs. triplets, etc. -cdp

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