Raph, Alan Double Valve Bass Trombone

Bass Trombone Studies & Etudes

  • Raph, Alan

    Double Valve Bass Trombone

    A comprehensive method book for the tenor trombonist wishing to learn the bass. The book opens with a page or two on the basics (positions, dailies, valve notes) but progresses rapidly to exercises and etudes designed to help gain mastery of the various valve combinations. Intended for horns with independent or dependant valves in Bb/F/Gb/D or Bb/F/G/Eb. Raph's approach in this volume is designed to help players become thoroughly acquainted with the horn's harmonic series and the technical possibilties made available by mastery of the same. Unlike any other book on the market, Mr. Raph advocates the use of the instrument's valves into the middle and upper registers for technical playing, well above the usual C3 (C in the staff). Raph is a first call bass trombonist in the New York City area. 72 pages. -cdp

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