Caffarelli, Reginaldo Melodic Studies for Transposition (100)

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  • Caffarelli, Reginaldo

    Melodic Studies for Transposition (100)

    Also known as 100 Melodic Studies (100 Studi Melodici per il trasporto nella tromba e congeneri, Corso Completo). Italian composer Reginaldo Caffarelli created these 100 exercises of varying lengths in written C major (or A minor) and indicates to which key each is to be transposed. A sample C major (or A minor) scale, and the scale of the transposition key is printed at the beginning of that group of exercises. A series of arpeggio exercises are included to develop comfort in a variety of keys. The end of the book contains extended etudes in which the transposition requirements change throughout each piece several times. Most examples are melodically interesting and varied. 62 pages. -pc

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