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  • Bordogni, Marco (Rochut/Raph)

    Melodious Etudes, v.1 [revised] w/Audio & PDFs - TROMBONE (Rochut/Raph)

    This new 2011 edition gives the popular "Rochut Melodious Etudes" a new face. Errors have been corrected, omissions have been replaced and piano accompaniments are now included. This edition draws from the original Bordogni etudes for voice, the Rochut transcriptions for trombone (produced around 1926) and Bordogni's original piano accompaniments. It is compatible with these accompaniments by key, introductory measures and inserts. The etudes are sometimes rephrased to better suit the trombone. - Alan Raph/cdp
    Some additional observations: The online audio feature includes access to both recorded and printed piano accompaniments*. The audio tracks are MP3 recordings of live piano performances by Rae Moses. The remainder are PDF files of the piano parts that you can print out and have performed by your own pianist. This edition features new engraving (musical typesetting). As a result, the music is easier to read—gone are the chunky note heads, blurry flags and drop-out of the 1929 edition. In addition, some (though not all) of the problematic page turns have been eliminated or mitigated. Number 15 for example now turns during a one bar rest; numbers 18 and 19 each occupy a two-page spread, eliminating the ugly turn in 19. A few new turns havecrept in, most are good, a few are rough (no 33). These are largely offset by the removal of many ugly ones elsewhere. By and large, this is a more useful edition than the old. 96 pages/perfect bound. -cdp

    *the piano accompaniment to number 1 is newly composed by Alan Raph. Bordogni did not write "number 1," but rather it was an etude written by Rochut and included in the 1929 edition. Nor was number 1 conceived with a piano part. Raph's new accompaniment is written in a similar style to that of Bordogni, with perhaps a little more harmonic interest.

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