Arban, Jean-Baptiste (Randall/Mantia/Raph) Method for Trombone - Revised w/MP3 & PDF Download

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  • Arban, Jean-Baptiste (Randall/Mantia/Raph)

    Method for Trombone - Revised w/MP3 & PDF Download (Randall/Mantia/Raph)

    Lay-Flat Edition New, 2013 revised Carl Fischer edition. Exactly the same material as our 107862, but in a non-spiral, lay-flat binding. Replaces the old Carl Fischer standard editions titled as "Famous Method" (our no 001263) and Platinum Edition (our 073826), both of which are now out of print.

    Arban's fundamental method book for trumpet was first published in 1864 and has held a top spot in trumpet studies ever since. In 1936, two of the finest trombonists of the day, Charles Randall and Simone Mantia, revised the method for trombone, creatingthe basis for trombone studies over the ensuing 75 years.

    Now, Alan Raph brings the Arban book into the 21st century, enhancing and expanding the original text, and addressing new skills and techniques developed up to current times. Sections have been expanded (i.e., scales, arpeggios), and new sections have been added (i.e., slide drills, contemporary forms of double and triple tonguing). Alternate positions have been updated and expanded. Sometimes F-attachment positions are given to facilitate awkward slide movements. Raph has kept the Arban system intact, but with a fresh, new layout and new engraving (musical typesetting). As a result, the music is easier to read_gone are the chunky note heads, blurry flags and drop-out of the 1936 edition. It also adds back in material that was redacted by Randall & Mantia in 1936.

    This revised edition also includes a CD of MP3 and printable PDF piano accompaniments to the 12 Celebrated Fantaisies and Airs Vari‚s. Piano performances are by John Walker. -the publisher/cdp

    360 pages w/lay-flat binding (86 more than the 1936 edition).
    798408093310. 9780825893315.

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