Baldwin, David Lips of Steel - 22 Endurance Etudes

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  • Baldwin, David

    Lips of Steel - 22 Endurance Etudes

    Subtitled "22 Endurance Etudes for Trumpet plus a warm-up and embouchure conditioner." Leading Twin Cities trumpet pedagogue David Baldwin, a prominent member of the International Trumpet Guild, has created a book of etudes packed full of exercises for building endurance and strengthening the embouchure. Playing with musicality while maintaining the strength to do so is a vital aspect of trumpet technique, and has yet to be addressed fully in method-book form until now. -the publisher

    Contains exercises relative to mouthpiece buzzing, overtone series, scales, spreading intervals, long tones, glissando and pedal tones. Also included are two-page endurance etudes with specific focus concepts such as: Dynamic Exaggeration, "Chunking,"Building The Dynamics (dynamic pacing), Mindful Waiting (resting/recovery time); The Low Blow (low register playing); Tonguing Variety; Steady Embouchure; Twelve-tone Challenges; Lip Slur Magic. Helpful instructions are placed throughout the book to guide the student. 43 pages. -pc

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