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    The purpose of these exercises is two-fold. First, they are to help with finger facility. Second they are designed to open up your ears and enable you to hear a bit more extended harmonies, sort of stepping a bit outside of the traditional diatonic approach. -Bobby Shew

    Includes major, minor, diminished key exercises featuring a variety of scale, arpeggiated, and sequential patterns. Some exercises are based on a particular jazz player's style such as "Miles Davis Bouncing", "Moody's Pattern 3/4", "Bird Blues", and "Brownie Speaks." In many cases these exercises are written quite high into the upper register. As the composer notes, students can start and stop as needed without straining into ranges they are not yet capable of playing with good control and maturity. Also included is a Bobby Shew Discography. 26 pages. -pc

    Renowned lead trumpet player and jazz educator Bobby Shew has played with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, the great Woody Herman big band and many of the greatest jazz and pop artists of the past several decades.

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