Hackleman, Martin Characteristic Etudes (34) for Low Horn

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  • Hackleman, Martin

    Characteristic Etudes (34) for Low Horn

    The purpose of this book is to give horn players an opportunity to improve their low re-gister technique. This neglected area of the horn requires precision of relaxation and timing othe embouchure, tongue, and throat. To produce a full, clean sound air control is emphasized continually. I have endeavored to compile selections that have musical merit as well as some technical challenge; characteristics often automatically dismissed by horn players when playing below the staff. These studies are taken from the works of Blazhevich and Vassiliev. Players are advised to use these etudes with caution as prolonged periods exclusively in this range can tend to "spread" the embouchure too much. Obviously it is up to the individual as to the amount he needs or desires. They can also help endurance by being occasionally interspersed between demanding middle and upper range exercices. All etudes are to be read in "old notation". Careful attention to metronome markings is advised.

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