Davis, Michael 15-Minute Warm-Up Routine, w/Audio

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  • Davis, Michael

    15-Minute Warm-Up Routine, w/Audio

    15 MWU. The Hip-Bone Music 15 Minute Warm-Up Routine is designed to give the trumpet player a daily routine in which to develop the essential fundamentals of good brass playing. Through daily practice with the enclosed CD, the player will be able to develop the three most important elements of good musicianship ( tone quality, pitch/intonation, rhythm/time feel) at a much faster and more consistent rate than by simply practicing these exercises alone. - the composer

    Chapter progression is as follows: Long Tones, Tonguing, Fingers Wake-Up Call (Chromatics), Lip Slurs, Flexibility, Triad Flexibility, Arpeggiated Flexibility, Open 5ths, Chromatic Flexibility, Major Scales, Upper Register, Warm Down. Comes complete with CD containing 24 tracks of cool, hip harmonic and rhythmic textures. 19 pages. -pc

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